Savor - the Food Agency

Savor Finds New Home In Evanston

EVANSTON, Oct 1, 2007 – Savor - The Food Agency recently made the move from their Northbrook office to a new loft space in Evanston, IL.  The group sought a more creative, “cool” space and more room to accommodate the growing business.

The loft space, designed by architect Andy Spatz, is a conversation piece in and of itself.  Open space, exposed brick, angular design, and of course the Savor “orange wall” make the office unique and fun.  You’ll find no suits here. 

“We built it to our needs,” says Partner Seth Bender, referring to the full kitchen, conference room and trademark bright orange tower. 

“We are located in an up and coming area, surrounded by artistic companies, such as design firms, green architects, clothing companies and even a glass blowing studio,” says Creative Director Julie Fingerman. “It’s a really inspiring place to be.”

The new office is located just outside the bustling downtown area of Evanston, allowing easy access to Chicago, the suburbs and a host of delicious lunch choices. 


Savor - The Food Agency is a full-service marketing communications company that specializes in working with food companies to build brands and increase sales. Each member of our crack squad of marketing professionals has a background in and passion for food, making them ideal collaborators on your marketing plans, catalogs, search ads web/eCommerce sites, direct mail, public relations and more. Savor is located just outside of Chicago in Evanston, IL.

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