The Juice! Fresh Ideas in Food Marketing - July 2009

This month Savor - The Food Agency turns to an extremely timely topic: Holiday Marketing. Yes, calendar-wise the Holidays are still a few months away. But, marketing and sales-wise you need to act now.

5 Actions To Take Right Now To Improve Holiday Sales

By Seth Bender, Partner

1. Know your customers

Savor Tip: Expand your reach. Once you know the demographics of your best customer, you can use this data to buy mailing lists with similar demographics

Take a good look at the data you have on your customers and answer these questions: Who are your best customers? When do they buy? What motivates them to buy (reviews, ads, emails, offers, etc.)? In addition to the last few Holiday seasons, examine the last few months to see if the economy has changed their buying patterns. Are they trading down to lower cost items? Buying in volume? All of this info will be the key to building a strong marketing plan based on consumer behavior.

2. Create A Marketing Plan

Once you know whom you’re targeting and their buying behavior, you need to develop a written out plan that details: your message and how, when and where you’ll get it in front of potential customers. This plan absolutely has to be written down, and make it as detailed and official as possible. The more detailed it is, the less decisions you have to make later on, and the more able other team members can execute elements within the plan without your constant involvement.

3. Develop Your Holiday Materials

The most dangerous time for any plan is right after you finish it. There’s this incredible temptation to put it aside and take a breather. Fight that urge. There’s a lot of work to be done. Photography, printing, web programming, copy, design all take time. If you don’t do them now, they won’t get done, and you’ll lose out on potential sales. Get ahead of the game (and not to worry you too much, but you’re already cutting it close). Digital files and printed materials won’t spoil if they sit around for a little bit.

Savor Tip: A marketing plan is both a written out report of strategies and tactics and a calendar detailing marketing efforts

4. Provide Support To Your Resellers

Think of ways to help your resellers push sales of your products to the end consumer. Start with your website. Make sure it has a zip code finder and/or links to online resellers, so consumers can easily find your products. PR is a great way to build awareness. Also, consider using social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to build buzz, encourage interaction and help consumers find your products. Offline possibilities include POP displays, shelf talkers, demos and recipe cards. For foodservice products, there’s always table tents and signage.

5. Think Beyond The Holidays

For many, 4Q is good and 1Q is slow. So, think of ways you can carry the momentum of Holiday sales into the next year and beyond. How will you encourage repeat business? Possibilities include rewards programs and post-Holiday coupons. At the very least, put them on your mailing list and try to get them to sign up for your email marketing program.

Remember, even though it’s summertime now, the winter months
are just ahead. Prepare now and you won’t be left out in the cold.

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